Newcastle Knights Reserve Grade History

It was the year 1988 when the Newcastle Knights was accepted into the NSWRL.

The NSWRL Premier League has been known by a variety of names and operated in several different ways since the inception of the NSWRL Premiership in 1908. Between 1908 and 1996, the competition was known as Reserve Grade and was competed for almost exclusively by reserve squads of each of the NSWRL Premiership, competing with that Club's name and colours. With the advent of the Super League war, and the resultant split competition in 1997, the NSWRL reconfigured the competition as the Presidents Cup.
'Stand-Alone' Clubs
With the competitions having merged back together, and with six NSWRL Premiership clubs having merged into three new NRL clubs (St. George Dragons and Illawarra Steelers; North Sydney Bears and Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles; Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies) the competition became known as the First Division and included these sides competing under their original name and colours. St George and Illawarra have since, however, decided to unite their Premier League and Jersey Flegg sides as well, and so the St George Illawarra Dragons compete as a united team in this competition.

The inclusion of these non-NRL clubs (along with Newtown Jets in 2000) in the competition signalled a move away from the 'reserve squad' competition it had become and became increasingly differentiated from the NRL competition with games played at non-NRL Stadiums such as North Sydney Oval, Newtown's Henson Park and Western Weekender Stadium at St Marys.

Another trend that began during this period was the phenomenon of NRL clubs 'out-sourcing' competing teams, with several NRL clubs choosing not to field sides in this competition and rather field either merged entities (as in the St Marys Penrith Cougars and Balmain Ryde Eastwood Tigers, both formed with NSWRL Jim Beam Cup sides) or form agreements with another club to take their place in the competition, those players being eligible for NRL selection (such as the agreement between Newtown Jets and Sydney Roosters for the 2006 season.) 2007 the Auckland Lions join the League and South Sydney Rabbitohs droped out

The NSWRL Premier League is a second-teir rugby league competition played in New South Wales, administered by the NSWRL and run concurrently with the NRL. The competition, which in 2006 will be made up of 13 NSW-based clubs, includes both 'reserve' teams of NRL clubs and 'stand-alone' clubs that do not field a team in the NRL competition.
The Clubs
In 2006 13 clubs will field teams in the NSWRL Premier League. Of these, five are 'stand-alone' clubs and the other 8 are 'reserve' teams of NRL clubs.
* North Sydney Bears
* Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
* Newtown Jets
* St Marys-Penrith Cougars
* St George Illawarra Dragons
* Parramatta Eels
* Newcastle Knights
* Western Suburbs Magpies
* South Sydney Rabbitohs
* Canberra Raiders
* Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
* Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks
* Balmain-Ryde Eastwood Tigers

In 2008 the NSW Open Age Competition, a new state premier competition replaced the The NSWRL Premier League. The Premier League is a second-tier rugby league competition played in New South Wales, administered by the NSWRL and run concurrently with the National Rugby League (NRL).
The Clubs
*North Sydney Bears (South Sydney)
*Canterbury Bulldogs
*Newtown Jets (Sydney Roosters)
*Windsor Wolves (Penrith Panthers)
*Wentworthville Magpies ( Parramatta Eels)
*Central Newcastle Knights (Newcastle Knights)
*Western Suburbs Magpies
*Manly Sea Eagles
*Cronulla-Sutherland Cobras (Cronulla Sharks)
*Balmain-Ryde Eastwood Tigers
*Auckland Vulcans (Warriors)
*Central Coast Storm (Melbourne Storm)

In 2009 the Newcastle Knights did not field a team in the NSW Cup

2010 Newcastle Knights re entered the NSW Cup with the feeder team Central Coast Centurions

The Clubs
*North Sydney Bears (South Sydney)
*Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
*Newtown Jets (Sydney Roosters)
*Windsor Wolves (Penrith Panthers)
*Wentworthville Magpies ( Parramatta Eels)
*Central Coast Centurions (Newcastle Knights)
*Western Suburbs Magpies
*Shellharbour Dragons (St George Illawarra Dragons)
*Cronulla Sharks
*Balmain-Ryde Eastwood Tigers
*Auckland Vulcans (Warriors)
*Melbourne Storm
*Penrith Panthers
*NZ Warriors
*Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles (Manly Sea Eagles)

2012 Newcastle Knights re entered the NSW Cup

Two new teams entered the NSW Cup
*Illawarra Cutters (St George Illawarra Dragons)
*Mounties (Canberra Raiders)

2013 Wyong Roos entered the NSW Cup
Balmain Tigers & Western Suburbs Magpies merged to Wests Tigers
2014 Penrith Panthers entered the Comp replacing Windsor Wolves, NZ Warriors replacing Vulcans

2016 NSW Cup name changed to Intrust Super Premiership
2017 Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles join Intrust Super Premiership in partnership with Manly Sea Eagles

Grand Final Winning Teams
Reserve Grade/Presidents Cup/First Division/Premiers League/NSW Cup

Reserve Grade
1908 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1909 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1910 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1911 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1912 Glebe
1913 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1914 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1915 Balmain Tigers
1916 Balmain Tigers
1917 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1918 Glebe
1919 Glebe
1920 Glebe
1921 Glebe
1922 Newtown Jets
1923 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1924 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1925 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1926 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1927 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1928 Balmain Tigers
1929 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1930 Balmain Tigers
1931 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1932 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1933 Balmain Tigers
1934 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1935 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1936 Western Suburbs Magpies
1937 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1938 St George Dragons
1939 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
1940 North Sydney Bears
1941 Balmain Tigers
1942 North Sydney Bears
1943 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1944 Balmain Tigers
1945 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1946 Balmain Tigers
1947 Newtown Jets
1948 Newtwon Jets
1949 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1950 Balmain Tigers
1951 Newtown Jets
1952 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1953 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1954 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
1955 North Sydney Bears
1956 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1957 Balmain Tigers
1958 Balmain Tigers
1959 North Sydney Bears
1960 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
1961 Western Suburbs Magpies
1962 St George Dragons
1963 St George Dragons
1964 St George Dragons
1965 Balmain Tigers
1966 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1967 Balmain Tigers
1968 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1969 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
1970 Newtown Jets
1971 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
1972 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
1973 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
1974 Newtown Jets
1975 Parramatta Eels
1976 St George Dragons
1977 Parramatta Eels
1978 Balmain Tigers
1979 Parramatta Eels
1980 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
1981 Western Suburbs Magpies
1982 Balmain Tigers
1983 South Sydney Rabbitohs
1984 Balmain Tigers
1985 St George Dragons
1986 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
1987 Penrith Panthers
1988 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
1989 North Sydney Bears
1990 Brisbane Broncos
1991 North Sydney Bears
1992 North Sydney Bears
1993 North Sydney Bears
1994 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks
1995 Newcastle Knights
1996 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks
Presidents Cup
1997 Parramatta Eels
First Division

1998 Canterbury Bankstown
1999 Parramatta Eels
2000 Canterbury Bulldogs
2001 St George Illawarra
2002 Canterbury Bulldogs
Premier League
2003 Canberra Raiders
2004 Sydney Roosters
2005 Parramatta Eels
2006 Parramatta Eels
2007 Parramatta Eels
2008 Wentworth Magpies
2009 Bankstown City Bulls
2010 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
2011 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
2012 Newtown Jets
2013 Cronulla Sharks
2014 Penrith Panthers
2015 Newcastle Knights
Intrust Super Premiership
2016 Illawarra Cutters
2017 Penrith Panthers
2018 Canterbury Bulldogs